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Stylish high-quality posters

Our collection is stocked with trendy and beautiful posters in both color and black and white. Our posters are printed locally in Sweden's most renowned printing company, which enables us to ensure the perfect quality for each item. We long searched for the optimal paper and eventually fell in love with Scandia 2000 White, a premium quality paper from renowned Lessebo Bruk. The paper is environmentally certified, uncoated matt and has a total weight of 240g/m2, giving it a distinctly exclusive feeling. It also delivers superb color and image reproduction. A poster is a form of wall art with print of image or text on paper. The modern poster, as far as we know, dates back to the 1840s and 1850s. This is the time when the printing industry perfected colour lithography and made mass production possible.

Posters and prints for your home decor

A poster works as well in the living room as in the bedroom. We have beautiful art prints for all the rooms of the house and offer stylish wall art for the kitchen as well as the hall. Our art posters are inspired by Scandinavian design, but go well with all interior design styles. Our collection contains everything from posters with world maps, maps of cities such as Stockholm, Paris and New York Manhattan, to diamond designs and photo art. Why not combine a couple of posters with quotes with breathtaking nature photography to give life to the decor?

Frame your poster and personalize your wall art

At poster Store you will find high quality picture frames in many different shapes and designs, including shiny silver, copper, gold, white wood, black wood and natural oak. At you will find cheap posters online with uncompromising quality. Find your favourite art and combine a fashion poster with a trendy gold frame or combine a modern graphic-style poster with one of our black frames. Another tip is to match nature posters with natural oak or white frames. The combinations are endless, browse and find inspiration and buy posters online that you just love.

Small and large posters for your gallery wall

We offer high quality low priced posters in the formats A4 (21x29.7 cm = 8x12”), 30x40 cm = 12x16”, 50x70 cm = 20x28” and 70x100 cm = 28x39”. There are lots of ways to decorate with our elegant posters and prints. Hang up two beautiful art prints over the home office desk, create a small gallery wall over the kitchen table or make a grand photo wall over the sofa in the living room. You can also put up posters directly on the wall with wash tapes or attach posters with clamps. To help you along the way and inspire you, on our inspiration page, we have collected our best tips on how to create your perfect gallery wall. Also check out our most popular posters and our new prints. We have also collected pictures of how our beautiful posters look at our customers' home in their interior.

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