Gallery Wall Inspiration

Get inspired by beautiful interior decoration and shop while browsing! Here you will find pictures of our posters in different gallery wall combinations and home interiors.

Gallery wall and Photo wall Inspiration

A photo wall for every room

Look at our gallery wall suggestions and find new and different ways to combine posters and frames into bigger arrangements. We have small gallery walls and big photo walls. This way you can find something for all the different rooms in the house. Perhaps you have space for a bigger ensemble of art in a majestic photo wall over the living room couch? Or a more modest size with 3-4 posters hanging over the bed in the bedroom? The combinations are endless!

Find your own gallery wall style

Everyone has different taste when it comes to interior design and the important thing is finding something that suits exactly the vision you have for your own place to live. In our gallery wall inspiration section we have tried to show different ways to combine both our motifs and frames as well as the interior design arrangements. There are no “rigths” or “wrong” when it comes to making a gallery wall. As long as it is your own and it is what makes you feel at home and happy where you are - it's the perfect one.

The craft of creating your gallery wall

There is a bit of loving work involved in all the different steps of setting up your own gallery wall but it's well worth the energy invested. To make the work easier and more fun we have given our best tips for a great end result and easy handiwork. Find our Guide to making your own Gallery Wall here. In it we show you how to best combine your posters and frames and give you templates to get you started creating the gallery wall of your dreams.

Share your favourite photo walls and get inspired by others

In our Shop Instagram section we have gathered our favourite pictures of our customers to show how they have chosen to include our art in their homes. Browse and get inspired and share the joy by tagging us at Instagram by @posterstore. We love to share the most beautiful and inspiring gallery walls from our customers and invite everyone to the community- for us who love wall art and quality interior design.