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"Pocus" is a stunning poster from the collection "Secrets" by the talented artist Tove Frank. A woman in a black hat is facing the viewer, yet her face is concealed by her dark, long hair - as if she has something to hide. The print is mysterious and has a great depth to it.

"There is magic in each and everyone of us. We just need to focus on the pocus."

The poster is printed with top quality inks on beautiful 300g gallery paper with a matte finish in the color off-white. Every print by Tove Frank has her own signature stamp in the lower, right corner.

Frame not included.

Tove Frank art and design

We are proud to introduce the beautiful art of Tove Frank to our collection. Tove found her interest in photo at the early age of four, and she grew up with a camera in her hand. She has devoted a large part of her time to dance, music and theater - themes that can be found in many of her artworks. When is Tove asked the question if she has always been creative, she answers; "Always. I started painting when I was three years old. And I've always written poetry and song lyrics. It's like a never-ending river."

Something that characterizes Tove Frank is that her photo art is perceived to be very personal. Tove works with collage, mixing techniques and physical characters, among other things, to create the dimensions she wants to convey to her art.

We offer a selected assortment from Tove's collections Dreams and Wishes, Essence, Secrets and Gypsy Circus. Experience her magical, secretive and thoughtful artwork here among our selection posters.

Tove Frank

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