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I did not receive an order confirmation email?

If you have placed an order with Poster Store but not received an order confirmation email then you have probably provided us with the wrong email address. Please contact us using the contact form or email us at [email protected] and we will update your order information so you can receive your order confirmation properly. 

What if I regret my purchase?

Contact us as soon as possible through our Contact form or send an email to [email protected]. If we have not yet packed your order we can fully refund it immediately. If the goods have already been packed and sent you will have to receive them first and send them back to us as a return, see below. 

The acrylic glass is blurred. How is that possible?

The acrylic glass in our frames is protected by plastic film on both sides, don't forget to remove it before using. We use this foil to protect the acrylic glass during storage and transit. 

May I return frames and request a refund when I've unpacked it?

No, after they have been taken out of the original factory packaging you cannot return it. We only accept products that are in their original state. 

When the frames are still in their original factory packaging and you'd like to return them, please read the information below in the "How do I make a return?" section. As soon as we receive the products, we will refund them. 

In case of factory damage, transport damage or any other form of damage, please send us a claim on [email protected]. In case damage is only visible after items have been unpackaged other rules apply. Take pictures of the damage and include them in your claim email. 

In case of transport damage, please also include pictures of the box/tube in which you've received your products.

How do I make a return?

You are responsible for postage and shipping costs. The parcel needs to be packaged the exact same way it was when you received it from us. It is important to re-roll the posters in the protective paper since it ensures they do not shift during transit. When you've re-rolled the posters in the paper, use sticky tape so we can take it out of the tube easily upon return. Let us know via the contact form or via email: [email protected] what you are returning and what the reason is for your return, accompanied by your order number. In case of damage, always include pictures of the damages in your message. This is applicable to damage to packaging and the items in the package! 

You can return the package to our company address:

Poster Store Sverige AB

Vretenborgsvägen 28, lastkaj 3

12630, Hägersten


What do I do if my package and products were damaged?

If your package and products were damaged upon arrival contact us as soon as possible with pictures both of the damaged package and the damaged goods. You can do this through the contact form or by sending us an email on [email protected]. As soon as we receive the pictures of the damaged package and products, upon acceptance of the faults we will send you a new package and arrange for the damaged goods to be returned to us. 

Can I exchange a product? 

If you would like to exchange your received products for something else, it is processed like a regular return. The products that will be returned must be in original packaging and condition (for more information see Right of withdrawal). We will refund you as soon as we receive the products. You can then make a new purchase in our web shop.

What happens if I do not collect my parcel?

For goods that are returned to us because the customer has not collected the goods, we charge a fee of 50 AUD to cover our packaging fee and costs of return shipping.

Do I have to pay GST and customs fees?

You will be charged 10% GST and 5% customs fee on the purchase price if the value of goods exceeds 655.207 USD / 901 AUD.

Customs fees are possible, however, these depend on the total weight of the package. 

Poster Store does not have any responsibility for these additional charges that may apply.

Poster Store is not responsible for any discrepancies in currency values or conversation rates that your bank or credit card company may use when purchasing from our website. Should you have questions concerning this, please contact your bank or credit card company. Poster Store is not responsible if the daily exchange rate might deviate from the shown price.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this please contact our customer care team. 

Are customs fees and GST already included in the price?

The prices on our website exclude possible duties and taxes.

How do I pay GST and customs fees?

You will receive an sms or email with a link where you can pay customs fees and GST directly.

Can I split my order?

Yes, you can split your order. Due to internal processes, please make the second order on the following day.

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