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Why do not you think outside the box and hang up a print with a poster hanger? Our trendy poster hangers are of the highest quality and are made of real oaken wood. It is a playful variation on the regular frames and looks very cute in the nursery or children's room. An exciting way to frame your prints that is both fun and gives a stunning result.

Poster hangers online at Poster Store

No print is complete without a nice frame. Poster hangers are beautiful decorative items that works just as well in a gallery wall combined with frames, as by themselves or in an ensemble with other poster hangers. Our elegant poster hangers are so beautiful that they should rightfully be regarded as art in their own right. At the Poster Store you will find frame lists in sizes 8.7", 12.2", 16.1", 20.1", 28".

Our poster hanger follows a stylish and minimalist design that emphasizes the natural beauty of the oak. The poster hangers are made of thin wooden strips with magnets that are easily assembled on each side of the print. This protects the print in a stylish way and it is very easy to attach. Our poster hangers come with a ready-made suspension device, so just take it out of the box and hang it up! Shop Sweden's most beautiful poster hangers online at Poster Store!