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Be inspired by our elegant and stylish black and white mat boards. The mat board protects the print, gives it a beautiful white framing, and helps direct focus. Happy shopping!

Black and white picture mounts for prints

All of our Mat Boards are acid-free, age-resistant and preserve your prints. What is a Mat Board? The word derives from the French word passe-partout, which means "passes everywhere" and is defined by Wikipedia as "a piece of cardboard with one or more holes laid behind a glass sheet in a frame to prevent the image from coming into direct contact with glass". A Mat Board is also a perfect way to enhance your print by directing extra focus to it.

Some of our prints are designed with a built-in Mat Board, but for the prints that do not have this perk it is possible to buy a separate Mat Board. The Mat Board is also a great tool for shifting focus and highlighting a particular object in your gallery wall. Along with other elements like colour of the frames, style and design of motifs on the prints and decor in the room, the Mat Board allows you to really let your personal style shine through. Are you wondering what size Mat Board you should purchase? Make sure the Mat Board has the exact same size as the frame you are buying, however, pay attention to the fact that you should order the print one size smaller. So if you want a Mat Board for a 11.8” x 15.7” frame, you will have to order the print in 8.3” x 11.8” (A4) size for it to fit properly! If you have any questions or concerns when ordering your Mat Board, feel free to contact us for some advice!