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Add the finishing touch to your print with our accessories! Here we have gathered together all the accessories you might need to add the finishing touches to your print – everything from passepartouts for framing to a variety of hanging options for your print. Use our accessories to create your perfect gallery wall!

Decorative accessories for posters and frames at Poster Store

Here is a list of all our accessories for pictures and picture-hanging, such as passepartouts, poster hangers, picture ledges, poster clips and washi tape. The accessories are suitable for any room and all print sizes – and can help in creating your perfect gallery wall. Make use of our accessories for framing and picture-hanging to coordinate with the print image or the rest of your interior style – they come in classic colours such as black and white, but are also available in natural wood, gold and silver.

You can also mix and match frames, tape and clips when hanging your pictures for a more playful and vibrant look. If you like to update and vary the look of your home on a frequent basis, then a picture ledge is the perfect option – you can easily switch and rearrange your prints and pictures. Check out our Inspiration section for tips and tricks on how to use and combine our picture accessories.