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  • Tove Frank Bleu Póster
  • Tove Frank Bleu Póster
  • Tove Frank Bleu Póster

Tove Frank Bleu Póster

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Bleu' es un hermoso poster de la artista Tove Frank. En la imagen intensa vemos a una mujer flotando en el aire, dando al espectador la sensación de que el viento la arrebata. "Every cloud is whispering in blue. Magic mist turning off morning dew." Impreso con tintas de alta calidad en un hermoso papel de arte fino de 300 g, resistente al envejecimiento, con un acabado mate blanquecino. Cada imágen de Tove Frank tiene un sello en la esquina inferior derecha.

Artist: Tove Frank

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Inspiración para tu mural de cuadros

Tove Frank

Tove Frank has been creating artwork from a very young age, she started taking photos when she was four, at age seven she discovered dance, music and theatre. They say that if you practice something a lot you will get really good at it, and it’s clear that Tove Frank is a natural. Her artwork is mostly made based on feelings she wants to communicate in a certain moment. Tove’s motifs usually depicts beautifully photographed women. Tove believes that women often end up in the dark, but they should be in the spotlights. Through a combination of different techniques based on numerological structures and frequencies, Tove creates magical and unique pieces of art that have a spiritual feel to them.

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