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Large posters 27.6” x 39.4”

All our large posters in size 27.6” x 39.4” gathered in one place! Fits well in combination with each other and with smaller posters. A 27.6” x 39.4” poster is the perfect centerpiece for any gallery wall. Browse our stylish and trendy 27.6” x 39.4” prints!


27.6” x 39.4” Posters and Prints

In this section you will find all our 27.6” x 39.4” posters. It is our largest format and suits most rooms in your home. They can be hung over a desk, leaned against the wall next to a plant, hung on the wall in combination with other formats and they are an eyecatcher in your gallery walls. Buy a nice and affordable 27.6” x 39.4” poster online at Poster Store!

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