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Poster Peytil Monday Lines

76,95 RON
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Poster abstract minimalist al unei femei elegante. Silueta este formată din linii negre care oferă un efect moern și elegant. Acest poster va arăta uimitor în combinație cu alte postere ale acestui artist. Acest poster face parte din colecția Peytil, creată de Eityl Thorén în Stockholm, Suedia în 2016. Liniile negre minimaliste și stilul graffiti dau colecției o tentă modernă, cu influențe din stilul scandinav. Toate modelele sunt expresive precum și personale. Numele colecției provine din copilăria lui Eitil Thorén, deoarece mama lui l-a poreclit Peytil.

Artist: Peytil

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Peytil is an art project from 2016 by Stockholm based artist Eitil Thorén Due. Eitil started his career as a fashion designer when he was 21 years old, but after a few years of working with strict guidelines, he felt a strong need to express himself in a more free manner. The result of this was Peytil - a personal and expressive collection characterised by its sharp lines and soft pastel colours painted in a graffiti style. The creative process leading to these stunning images is by mixing classic painting techniques with digital tools. This creative mix originates from Eitil's belief that there are two ways of creating minimalist art: you can either take the safe way in order to achieve a flawless result, or let your creativity take over, creating a more natural and efficient creation process with a much more interesting result. Inspired by street art, music and fashion, Eitil creates city life style portraits with a modern and unique touch.