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Poster cafea tare

52,95 RON
Livrare în 3-5 zile lucrătoareLivrare gratuită peste 249 RON

În stoc

Photographic poster with a tasteful motif of a cup of black, freshly brewed coffee. Alongside the brown retro cup, there are scattered coffee beans that almost give a hint of the well-known scent through the image. Did you know that it is said that the coffee bean was discovered by chance during the 9th century when a shepherd looked after its sheep in the mountains? The shepherd found that his sheep suddenly became very energetic after eating red berries on a bush. Full of hope and expectations, he took the red berries to a monk, who threw the berries in an open fire. When the berries were roasted in the fire, a lovely aroma spread in the monastery and suddenly coffee was invented.

The poster is framed by a white border, which gives the image more depth and highlights the design.

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