Rame din metal negru

Aici poți găsi rame din metal negru de calitate superioară în cinci dimensiuni diferite. Ramele se prind la spate cu catarame metalice. Pot fi agățate atât orizontal cât și vertical. Ramele conțin o sticlă acrilică care este mai ușoara dar mai rezistentă decât o sticlă obișnuită și are calități reflexive. Spor la cumpărături!


Matte black metal frames for posters

As an alternative to our beautiful black wooden frames, we also offer black metal frames in lightweight aluminium with a matte finish. These frames are very stable and the matte colour is elegant and stylish. At Poster Store you will find a selection of black metal frames in the sizes 13x18 cm, a4, 30x40 cm, 40x50 cm, 50x50 cm, 50x70 cm and 70x100 cm.

Our black metal frames perfectly complement black and white photos, nature motifs and text posters. Why not create a dark fashion gallery wall in the living room above the couch? The possibilities are endless! Our black metal frames are also perfect for mixing it up by adding other metal frames. A fun way to create dynamic ensembles on a photo wall is to play with different colours. It's exciting to find different shades and styles that simultaneously work together really well, giving your photo wall a sense of style and wholeness. To achieve this you could mix black matte metal and golden frames. For more great design ideas you should definitely check out our inspiration page that includes a collection of the most beautiful interior design pictures of gallery walls. All of our frames have glass-clear acrylic glass, which means that they weigh less and there is no risk of shards if the frame drops in the floor. The acrylic glass is protected by plastic film on both sides, to give a flawless finish and the same feel as when you remove the plastic protector off a new phone. Acrylic glas has the same reflective properties as glass, but it is more beautiful and clear. Shop cheap black metal frames online at Poster Store now!

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