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  • Poster Vee Speers Thirteen #6
  • Poster Vee Speers Thirteen #6

Poster Vee Speers Thirteen #6

58,95 RON
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Fata cu penele. Face parte din colecția Thirteen, deoarece Vee Speers și-a fotografiat fiica la vârsta de 13x18 cm ani. Seria de fotografii spune povestea unei fete care se transformă din copil în femeie. O fotografie frumoasă, plină de simbolism, a transformării din timpul adolescenței. Posterul este printat cu cerneală de înaltă calitate, pe o hârtie Multi Ati cu finish mat. Rezultatul este un poster uitmitor, cu o calitate de neegalat, rezistent trecerii timpului. Rama nu este inclusă.

Artist: Vee Speers

Rama nu este inclusă.PS52035-4

Inspirație decor perete

Vee Speers

Somewhere between the light and dark, and imagination and reality you will find Australian artist Vee Speers’ enchanting artwork. Vee Speers is able to enchant using a unique colour palette as well as dramatic imagery. Her big breakthrough was in 2005 when she presented her world-famous project ‘Bordello’. The project is a respectful, sensual and beautiful representation of female nudity. In 2008, Speers partially published the autobiographical and imaginative project ‘The Birthday Party’. A collection in which the viewer is taken into the careless and dramatically imaginative world of a child. Bulletproof is a description of the innocent and emotional stadium between childhood and adulthood. Thirteen is also a partially autobiographical project visualised by the portraits in The Birthday Party, that have been captured later in life. It doesn’t matter which project Vee Speers takes on, her signature style is clearly visible; with extraordinary stories between imagination and reality, between the obvious and unexpected, Speers knows how to create dramatically stunning artworks.