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Postere Vee Speers

Aruncă o privire la posterele frumoase ale lui Vee Speers. Artista australiană suprinde viața și emoția într-un mod care face ca arta ei să prindă viață. Cu ajutorul artei, aceasta spune o poveste care te ține în suspans.


Vee Speers Posters

We are proud to introduce the beautiful art of Australian photographer Vee Speers into our selection of posters. Speers often gives her motifs a simple Nordic treatment, which well complements the style of our own prints. Although she has been living in Paris since 1990, she has exhibited all over the world and has been been published on the cover of many prominent photo magazines. In her own words: “I don’t like to follow the crowd. I like to seduce, with images that are at once disturbing and beautiful, but leaving a space for the viewer to enter my world. My portraits combine elements which evoke conflicting emotions that can surprise the viewer, telling a story that is somewhere between fantasy and reality, the obvious and the unexpected.”

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